Pepper Efek-tivo and its results – april 2023

This campaign, our sweet pepper Efek-tivo has proved a good performance in helping growers against the new “ Thrips Parvispinus”.

Farmers who have grown Efek-tivo share the same opinion. Our tomato has less leaf mass and few but well-defined stems, which means that it is more difficult for the insect to hide in the lower part of the plant; it does so on the underside of the old leaves. When the leaves are separated,  the fruits show spotted and damaged by the insect. With Efek-tivo, damages have been lower.

Farmers agree on the need to look for plants with these characteristics to favor the fight against this insect and reduce the damages it causes as much as possible.

Since the plant is more uncovered at the bottom, the treatments have been more effective and the force of the normal spray is enough to separate and move the leaves when the treatment is applied; this way, the products wet the whole leaf mass well.